Types Of Keywords In SEO

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The Top SEO Consultants in Bangalore knows very well that the Keywords plays a very crucial part in SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION . They facilitate the search engines to target the exact or accurate search match. The keywords are used in the web page content, the meta tags and titles of the website . Which is picked by the search engines and is displayed in the page results . Any Best SEO Company In Bangalore focuses on the same , follows the researches and further divides the keywords into 3 Types :

  1.          Primary Keywords ( They are placed before all the other       keywords )
  2.         Secondary Keyword ( They are placed post phrases or primary keywords )
  3.         Tertiary Keywords ( They are used post the secondary keywords )
Let’s discuss in detail for a better understanding :

Primary Keywords –

These are the most crucial keywords to be used in the web page or website , the complete content written in the page ought to  be talking about the keyword , a primary keyword is being used before all the other keywords . The primary keyword should always be used as an Paragraphs ‘s file name , as a title in the content of the web page . It should be used in the first paragraph , first sentence and first word .  SEO consultants in Bangalore uses the specific order which is very fruitful and is very important in the Search Engine Optimization Process . Since its believed that the search engines consider the first word of the article or paragraph as the most important . When the search engine indexes a web page, it’s the first word that tells them what the web page is about & what search queries the web page should respond to .

Secondary Keywords –

The secondary keyword or the keyword phrase is used after the primary keywords and it immidiately follows the primary keyword that is being focused upon .The Seo experts in Bangalore  follows this process stringently .Though The secondary keywords are not crucial however they are utilized in the web pages to attract the visitors considering they might be looking for those keywords or the next best keywords . Hence they are called as secondary keywords .

Tertiary Keywords –

Tertiary keywords are a  group of keywords , usually not more than 10 and are used after the secondary keywords . The tertiary keywords are utilized by the leading seo companies in Bangalore to also focus on increasing or attracting the visitors for the website , the users who might be looking for next best keywords to search their desired result .These keywords also are used behind the secondary keywords in the content or description of the web pages and keyword meta tags .

These factors are considered important and are focused upon during the Search Engine Optimization. 

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