Understanding Google Page Rank Factors

Page Rank on google

Basis the readings and some analysis , we can figure out that Google practices more than 200 factors to rank any website or webpage to be recorded in the SERPs . The be precise google algorithm’s have not been divulged or shared with anyone outside google. But the SEO experts have done numerous analysis and conventions basis which they have come to an inference that Google largely studies 5 aspects for Page Ranking, which are stated below :

1. On Page

Its all about working on all the fundamentals present inside the website or web pages, , the SEO Consultants work on the Finest Frequency of manifestation of specific Keywords in that page . Ensure adequate Presence Of those Keywords in the title or Urls  along with the occurrence of a keyword in the whole page and targeting the relevant keywords

2. Off Page

Off page focuses on the  superiority of the web page and web portal , in which the web pages are accessible . The BEST SEO CONSULTANTS work on increasing the number of incoming and outbound links which leads to and from the page . Practice of explicit keyword in any anchor text of any link that points to that page simplifying google bots to crawl easily over those pages

3. User Behaviour

This means when the user clicks one link and devotes plentiful stint on it then he is satisfied , else if he clicks two three links and keeps moving means that user is not receiving his requirement. So this will rank the web page inferior compared to others. This process in which the user goes back and forth on the pages of the website and SERPs is known as Pogosticking. Hence if the user does not find what he is looking for , it impacts the website ranking as the search engines do not rank that webpage or website vis a vis the specified keywords .The SEO SERVICES and SEO EXPERTS always analysis the same and work towards it .

4. Social Reference

Social platforms are considered to plays a very important role in the website ranking , if the webpage is referred more by the social media like facebook , Google , twitter , the ranking of the webpage in the search engines increases , Similarly if the webpage does not or have least reference in the social media then the ranking of that page is affected . All the LEADING SEO COMPANIES nowdays ensure adequate engagement on the social media .

5. Local Search Factors

The last important factor considered for ranking is the local search factors . Which indicates to the point that if the user and the business is based in the same geographic area , then the webpages for those particular business will have a higher ranking . For example – Restaurants , departmental stores , saloons , café, .

With all these factors , there is one more factor considered by google is the authority of the domain and the web page .

While doing the search engine optimization, it’s important to focus on the above mentioned factors . These factors would help in the desired page ranking to grow the business.

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